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Sutton Hoo

Anyone in striking distance of Sutton Hoo (it's easily accessible from Cambridge or London) may want to wander along this weekend for:

SUTTON HOO THROUGH THE AGES: From the twilight of the Roman Empire to the Norman Conquest
Venue: SUTTON HOO (in Suffolk)
Date(s): Saturday 14 to Sunday 15 July 2007
Description: Living History spectacular! Invasions, raids, Saxon burial rites, interactive displays & activities for all ages. Stand well back during combat displays!
Notes: Highlight of our Year of Craftsmanship

Ousekjarr, the Cambridge branch of The Vikings and some friends from Bedford, Essex and elsewhere will be providing a living history encampment, storytelling, skirmishes, archery and lots of groovy things representing Angles, Saxons, Vikings etc from the eighth to tenth centuries. I've been on fairly good fighting form this season, so who knows what you might see!!?
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