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Vimmen, Violence and Vikings! And some mice...

Film Tonight!

This pm there'll be an ASNaC Film showing! Details of Where/When should be found by e-mail, or just loitering in the Common Room until Matthias shows his face.

The film will be:

Stara Basn Kiedy Slonce Bylo Bogiem
The Old Story When The Sun Was God

A Jerzego Hoffmana film.

Marina Aleksandrowa
Michal Zebrowski
Daniel Olbrychski
Bohdan Stupka
Malgorzata Foremniak

Vimmen, Violence and Vikings!
Popiel is not a nice man, and wants his son to succeed him as prince, but then his wife is really nuts. Ziemowit, Piast's son, is a nice man, but used to be a Viking. Dziwa is destined to become some sort of pagan nun. The Guardian gets annoyed because the tribal chiefs are all idiots. Some random woman takes all her clothes off. Some Vikings turn up. There's an insane crone. It's amazing. Poland is all the Vikings' fault. Be there, or be Celtic!

107 minutes, in Polish with English subtitles.
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